Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hi friends!

I have some important information about joining my team at Stampin Up. I'm sure there are many questions out there about all of this. So I thought I'd share some helpful information and ideas.

There are All Kinds of Demonstrators!
Stamping With KarenJ

  1. Discount Purchasers: People who want to get a great deal on their Stampin Up purchases.  Don’t want to hold events.  Just love stamping!
  2. Hobbyists: People who love to stamp and want to share it with an occasional gathering and accepting orders from family, friends, and coworkers to supplement their “habit”
  3. Financial Goal: People who love to stamp and want to earn a set amount to pay for something doing what they love. Maybe it is a car payment, a larger purchase or a trip
  4. Business Builder: People who love to stamp and want to earn some money doing it! Hold regular events and want to recruit others into Stampin up and develop a business working part time-full time.
  5. Career Demonstrator: Someone who wants to take things to the next level and truly build a career with Stampin Up, Full-time.
No matter where you may fit in these categories, there is a place for you in our Stampin Up Family! And as many demonstrators will tell you, the kind of demonstrator you are often changes throughout your career, and that is the beauty of a home-based business! I was just going to enjoy the discount for my purchases and maybe hold some classes. But here I am 19 years later!! I can't believe it's been that long!!!
Have some questions? Here are some common ones with answers, but if you have any you’d like to have answered, I am always happy to help!
Q: How much do you have to sell (or buy) to remain active as a demonstrator?
A: $300/quarter.  That amount can be placed all at once or spread out over the quarter in smaller orders.
Q: What if I don’t want to do this after I sign up? Can I change my mind?
A: No problem! You will have access to all the amazing perks that we have as demonstrators for at least 3 months, and if you don’t place your $300 in orders, you’ll just be dropped and there is no further commitment or penalty.  Of course your Starter kit is yours to keep and enjoy!
Q: What are some of these “perks” you are talking about?
A: There are tons of perks!  Many more than I can share on this page, but here are some of my favorites:
  • Discounts on your purchases (20% up to 40% depending on your performance!
  • Be your own hostess (you can earn Stampin Rewards as well as commissions—that is not always allowed with direct sales company)
  • Work for a DEBT FREE company (as we’ve seen several direct-sales companies close their doors and/or go into bankruptcy, our company is financially strong and can pay their demonstrators and invest in the future of our company. They are also very welcome to feedback and listen to every suggestion sent their way!
  • Corporate Private FB group for sharing ideas, getting feedback and planning events with demonstrators from all over the world! That is an AMAZING tool!
  • Additionally, there is a Corporate FB Group for the leaders in our company that is more geared to the Business Minded Demonstrators.
  • Access to a gigantic database of searchable samples only available to Demonstrators as well as chat forums, creative challenges, swap opportunities with other demonstrators, and business tips and suggestions for those who are interested
  • A community of people who “get” you! There is something to be said for that!  I have met the very best people, including my best friends in this world through Stampin Up!  I also have met people from all over the world that I consider friends through this amazing company!
  • A quarterly Stampin Success Magazine filled with card ideas, class suggestions, business tips and product training mailed directly to you!
  • The opportunity to build a business and achieve goals that you may not have imagined were ever possible! Whether you just want to support your hobby or if you truly want to build a career, there is room for you in our family!
  • Support from both the Home office and from me as your Upline to develop your experience with Stampin Up no matter what level you want to participate. Never pressure to perform (unless that is what you want) and always a helpful, encouraging environment!
  • Opportunities to travel to various Stampin Up events (the next one is in November all over the country—and world!)
  • Monthly Group meetings for my team including card swaps, stamping and more! Not local?  No problem!  We are going virtual, too!
Q: How much do I have to invest in order to be a demonstrator?
A: It is totally up to you, but beyond your starter kit for $99, there is very little you need to get going.  After that it is up to you, but you can run a business on a very limited budget! I am happy to help you get things set up and guide you through no matter where you want to go!
Q: How do I pay for my orders? How does Stampin Up pay me?
A: You can pay with a credit or debit card that you set up and save in your secure profile.  Stampin Up will accept credit cards of your customers for ordering at no charge to you, which is awesome!  In addition Stampin Up will deduct “instant income” from your orders placed (20%-25% depending on your title) and the rest of your income is direct deposited into your account monthly. The best part is you have money in your hands right away!
Have more questions? I am happy to answer them any time! Please feel free to contact me with your questions via email (karenjh13@gmail.com).
Ready to join?  Just go to my blog, www.StampingWithKarenJ.com or my demonstrator website: Karen.Harper@StampinUp.net

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hi Friends!

It's been way too long since I've posted anything on my blog. But I'm back in business so they say! I'd like to share some cards I've made. Most have been for the card classes I teach each month. Some items have been gifts to my class attendees.

This card was made with the new masks (stencils) that is from Stampin Up. We also sell a fast drying paste but I didn't have that product yet so I decided to use sponges and ink. I used elegant eggplant, daffodil delight, and tempting turquoise inks. I also used the Label Me Pretty and matching punch. I wanted a thank you card but the center circle stamp image had thank you for caring. So I just used the elegant eggplant marker and only colored the parts of the stamp I wanted. It think it turned out just great. 

All these supplies are available in my online store: www.karenharper@stampinup.net
I'd be happy offer this card as a kit for anyone not in my area of NW Washington State and would be interested in ordering the products.

I'll be adding more pictures of card samples soon!

Happy Stamping!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Last night after a very busy fun filled day of stamping, chatting and then a little bit of work at the salon, and fantastic encouragement to sell my cards and gift boxes, I met with a lovely gal that works with Mike. Her name is Pupul, her family is originally from India but they have lived in Australia for many, many years. She even has relatives that live in Issaquah, Washington. That was cool to find out. Anyway...she helped me create my own fascinator for the Melbourne Cup. All week there are events and of course races happening. I'm going to Cup Day on Nov. 4th and Oaks Day Nov. 6th. Oaks day is ladies day and fashion is the key word, so I'm told! It will be fun to see all the fashions the ladies and men will be wearing. It's supposed to be quite a show!! Well, I had purchased my first fascinator at Myer when I bought my dress. Well, after seeing so many styles I thought how fun it would be to make my own! So that is where Pupul comes in, she made her own for last year's cup and being experienced I thought she'd be the one to help me. Here are the 2 fascinators I have. The purple one is for Cup Day and the pink is for Oaks Day.

 I wonder if you can tell which is the one I made???

Exciting News!!

After a lovely meeting with my friend Sue today I decided to become an official Aussie Demonstrator. Sue has welcomed me from even before I moved to Australia. After attending a few get togethers with her group of fun ladies, I just knew this would be the direction I'd be going. I'm still keeping my US demonstratorship so I can continue to take orders that way as well. 

The deciding factor for me was encouragement by local business people to sell my cards. I've already sold a few and am going to be busy making up more samples for the 2 businesses that are excited to showcase my work! Of course one is the hair salon where I work. The other is an apartment management company that used to handle the first apartment we lived in here. As soon as I showed Evelyn my cards and gift boxes she and her staff were amazed! She said I just had to sell them!! She even went right over to the little grocery store across the street to ask about selling my cards there as well. Too bad they have a strict contract with Hallmark so they couldn't take on my cards as well. She insisted I take my samples to the shopping center and put my cards in the some of the stores there! That's a bit ambitious for me right now. But in the meantime, Evelyn is going to bake up some of her famous macarons and see how many will fit inside the gift box I made and we'll package them up and hopefully sell for $15-$20 each. My cards will be between $5 and $6.50. 

Now I feel more secure in starting up my stamp classes in my home. 

Now for some more inspiration. These are 3 Christmas cards I made at a recent class. I want to thank Pamela for her creative inspiration. It is my plan to sell these cards very soon. 
These are made with the oh so easy treat cups that can be filled with anything from candies to confetti. Red and green M&M's were just perfect for the 2 cards on the end. And mini marshmallows are also perfect for the snowman! Arent they oh so cute????

Sunday, October 26, 2014

 This is one of the scrapbook pages I made for a wall collage of some of our memories here in Australia. The picture above is actually from last December when Justin and I came out for Christmas. We took a trip on the Great Ocean Road and saw amazing scenery and of course the oh so cute koalas. Justin was much braver than me about trying out the driving here. He did really well. I was so impressed, but had no desire to even try!!

 This is a page of postcards from our trip to Uluru. I learned about the symbols drawn in their paintings and decided to add some to this page. The one on the left is a campsite near running water, next is a little boomerang, and then running water, finally stars in the night.

 This is another page from my first trip here last December. We went to Phillip Island to watch the penguin parade in the evening. So during the day we went to a wildlife preserve. We were able to feed the kangaroos. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but after watching others I jumped right in. The kangaroos are so used to people feeding them, they are so calm around us.

 This page is from our recent trip to Uluru. After landing at the Uluru airport we were whisked away in our tour bus to get right out for an afternoon hike up Kata Tjuta. It was a pretty strenuous hike and after sitting on 2 airplanes all morning (we flew out at 7am) it was a bit of a challenge getting right into a hike. But we were pressed for time as we needed to be finished and set up for the sunset at Uluru. That was an amazing sight! I will have to get those pictures posted here too.
 This is a post card collage of our trip to Sydney. Throughout the year different colored lights are used to light up the opera house. It is just beautiful. I'm really looking forward to spending New Year's Eve here this year year.
Here is our clock wall! I am always having to count the hours to figure out what time it is back home. So, on the left is Seattle, middle is Melbourne, and on the right is Miami. The picture below the Melbourne clock is of Brighton Beach and the very colorful beach huts people have set up there. They are each painted by the owner and are all so colorful. In the background is the city of Melbourne.

I will post the scrapbook pages that I arrange on the wall as soon as I get more supplies to hang them up. I mounted them on the heavy duty chipboard that comes with scrapbook papers. I was thinking it would add stability to the page when I hang it on the wall.

Till next time, happy stamping all!

:) Karen

This was just a sampling of the lightning strikes that occurred in Melbourne last night. This was a huge storm! And this picture was taken in an apartment building just next to the one I live in. I'd love to find the photographer of this picture!! It's just one of many amazing photos taken last night.