Sunday, October 26, 2014

 This is one of the scrapbook pages I made for a wall collage of some of our memories here in Australia. The picture above is actually from last December when Justin and I came out for Christmas. We took a trip on the Great Ocean Road and saw amazing scenery and of course the oh so cute koalas. Justin was much braver than me about trying out the driving here. He did really well. I was so impressed, but had no desire to even try!!

 This is a page of postcards from our trip to Uluru. I learned about the symbols drawn in their paintings and decided to add some to this page. The one on the left is a campsite near running water, next is a little boomerang, and then running water, finally stars in the night.

 This is another page from my first trip here last December. We went to Phillip Island to watch the penguin parade in the evening. So during the day we went to a wildlife preserve. We were able to feed the kangaroos. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but after watching others I jumped right in. The kangaroos are so used to people feeding them, they are so calm around us.

 This page is from our recent trip to Uluru. After landing at the Uluru airport we were whisked away in our tour bus to get right out for an afternoon hike up Kata Tjuta. It was a pretty strenuous hike and after sitting on 2 airplanes all morning (we flew out at 7am) it was a bit of a challenge getting right into a hike. But we were pressed for time as we needed to be finished and set up for the sunset at Uluru. That was an amazing sight! I will have to get those pictures posted here too.
 This is a post card collage of our trip to Sydney. Throughout the year different colored lights are used to light up the opera house. It is just beautiful. I'm really looking forward to spending New Year's Eve here this year year.
Here is our clock wall! I am always having to count the hours to figure out what time it is back home. So, on the left is Seattle, middle is Melbourne, and on the right is Miami. The picture below the Melbourne clock is of Brighton Beach and the very colorful beach huts people have set up there. They are each painted by the owner and are all so colorful. In the background is the city of Melbourne.

I will post the scrapbook pages that I arrange on the wall as soon as I get more supplies to hang them up. I mounted them on the heavy duty chipboard that comes with scrapbook papers. I was thinking it would add stability to the page when I hang it on the wall.

Till next time, happy stamping all!

:) Karen

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