Friday, October 31, 2014

Last night after a very busy fun filled day of stamping, chatting and then a little bit of work at the salon, and fantastic encouragement to sell my cards and gift boxes, I met with a lovely gal that works with Mike. Her name is Pupul, her family is originally from India but they have lived in Australia for many, many years. She even has relatives that live in Issaquah, Washington. That was cool to find out. Anyway...she helped me create my own fascinator for the Melbourne Cup. All week there are events and of course races happening. I'm going to Cup Day on Nov. 4th and Oaks Day Nov. 6th. Oaks day is ladies day and fashion is the key word, so I'm told! It will be fun to see all the fashions the ladies and men will be wearing. It's supposed to be quite a show!! Well, I had purchased my first fascinator at Myer when I bought my dress. Well, after seeing so many styles I thought how fun it would be to make my own! So that is where Pupul comes in, she made her own for last year's cup and being experienced I thought she'd be the one to help me. Here are the 2 fascinators I have. The purple one is for Cup Day and the pink is for Oaks Day.

 I wonder if you can tell which is the one I made???

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